Personal Training

We all want to prioritize our health, but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s so easy to lose motivation and make excuses, but take care of your body and (pretty much) everything else will follow. Exercise should be something you look forward to, a way to destress and take some time for yourself. I’m a firm believer that working out can be fun AND effective, and I’ll happily show you how.

I currently offer personal training sessions in the Antwerp and Amsterdam area. As your trainer, I’ll work out with you 2-3 times a week, following a bespoke programme created with your goals in mind. Together we’ll exercise, stretch… and laugh – a great way to tone those abs! And when you’re on the last set of reps and desperate to give up, I’ll be your own personal cheerleader. I’m a certified ‘functional’ personal trainer, which means I mostly work with bodyweight, TRX, elastics, dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands (AKA your new BFFs). If you’re looking to invest in your health and train your body, let’s talk!