Get Active: How to Get Started

Everything is Possbile A healthy mind in a healthy body: Isn’t this what we all dream of accomplishing?  Unfortunately there are some practical obstacles, food comas and comfortable couches preventing most of us from reaching this or our goal. During the coming 12 weeks, our personal coach Tess van Beurden, will be teaching us how to stop making excuses and give us all the tools we need to start getting active, how to stay motivated and keep up a healthy diet.

On Your Marks: Ready, Set & Go!

“My New Year’s resolution is to start eating healthier”, “I should really start exercising again, I just don’t find the time” or “I should really start watching my diet”, are just a few examples of phrases we’ve all used at some point. Yet, it proves difficult to change our old ways and adjust to a new and healthier lifestyle.

Ups and downs

“People looking at my pictures, seem to think that staying in shape has been like a walk in the park for me. Nothing is further from the truth. I have definitely had my ‘donut for breakfast, hydrating with Red Bull’ days, going out until the crack of dawn. Not healthy at all”, Tess tells us.

 “You have to accept that life JUST doesn’t always go as planned”

After this rather unhealthy path, she decided to do a complete 360. “I spent hours in the kitchen making sure I only ate healthy foods. When I got invited for dinner at a friend’s house, I started to panic as it would mess up my routine. After this I spent most of my remaining time in the gym and hardly gave my body any rest.” Tess explains. Luckily meanwhile, she has found balance. “You have to accept that life just doesn’t always go as planned”.

12 Week Program

After her education as a fitness and yoga instructor, Tess decided it was time to share her knowledge with the world. Under the slogan ‘Feel FanTesstic’ she launched her own Youtube channel. Her goal? To inspire as many people as possible to get active. And no, you do not need a fancy outfit or an expensive gym subscription:  Just join Tess from the comfort of your own living room. Or from the beach, whichever way you want.

 “You need a minimum of three months, for your body to show results”

This series will continue for 12 weeks and includes 3 videos per week: one for your legs, one for your upper body and one total body work-out. For anyone making their calculation on the back of an envelope, you will come to the conclusion that you’ll be good to go for 3 months. “You need a minimum of three months, for your body to show results”, Tess explains. No need to panic, the videos increase in difficulty gradually. In addition they take about 30 minutes maximum to complete. Excuses about not having enough time, are therefore officially not valid anymore.

One last tip…

For the novice athletes amongst us, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Chances are slim that you will transform yourself from couch potato to top athlete in one day, and the chances that you will maintain this new lifestyle are even slimmer. Don’t commit to joining five new group classes; make smart choices and forgive yourself if you skipped one class.