About Tess

About Me

Hey and welcome to my little corner of the internet! Let me introduce myself… I’m Tess, a personal trainer from Antwerp in Belgium. However I am half Dutchie, so I do give classes in Amsterdam aswell.


Being active has always been important me, but in 2014 leading a healthy lifestyle changed my life completely. I was living in Los Angeles (AKA the workout capital of the world) and realised health and fitness was my true passion. I became a NASM-certified personal trainer, and it’s the best decision I ever made. Since then, I’ve racked up a few other fitness qualifications:

  • Yoga teacher training 200hr YLLC
  • Zumba instructor
  • Float Fit trainer
  • Step trainer
  • Pilates instructor

My personal workout of choice? I really enjoy HIIT training as it’s super effective and at 30 minutes max, you don’t have time to get bored. Also, if you give it your all, you’ll experience EPOC (or afterburn). In other words, your body will still be doing its fitness thing hours after your practice… even when you’re just chilling on the sofa! Result. I also love a traditional Hatha or Ashtanga yoga practice. You can really feel the effects on both body and mind.


I do not like the word diet. I feel like anytime someone says ‘I’m on a diet,’ they automatically gain 10 pounds. Instead, I believe in intuitive eating. Here are some tips on how to eat intuitively, according to the authors Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (who wrote Intuitive Eating)

Reject the Diet Mentality
Honour your Hunger
Make Peace with Food
Respect your Fullness
Discover the Satisfaction Factor
Respect your Body
Exercise – Feel the Difference

Feel Fantesstic

Besides being a Personal Trainer and organizing health retreats, I am also the creator of the Feel FanTesstic (FFT) Workout Guide! You will find this for free on my channel on YouTube.

These videos enable you to perform a three day per week workout program of 30 MINUTES MAX. per session (high-intensity interval training/HIIT) over a period of 12 weeks, within the comfort and convenience of your home. The workout sessions are easy to follow with the following basic equipment: weights and dumbbells, a chair and resistance bands or ankle weights to focus on the upper body, legs and entire body respectively.

My intention is to facilitate and accommodate the needs of enthusiastic participants and enable them to achieve their goals by maximizing and maintaining a high level of personal motivation. Every
exercise is fully explained and helpful tips are provided to monitor and correct your posture throughout. It’s basically like having an actual personal trainer in the room.

As the promo video will illustrate, I deliberately opted for exotic and attractive locations. This will motivate you more than a dull setting such as a living room!